Concarneau - Saint-Barth départ 22 avril 2018
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11/04 - 12h22

Monday 11, message from Artemis

« Hi all, Sooooo were of the african coast and, well last night was an experiance!Tthe weather was great steady winds and warm weather. What was more a problem was the huge amounts of unlit or poorly lit boats of the coast. They would sproadically light up with flasing lights when they saw us and would then migrate towards the boat one cut within 15 meters of the boat. It requited a good look out last night and a very powerful spotlight to light these oats up and watch them. This morning we saw what these boats actually look like an they are small wooden skiffs. Yes much like the ones from captain phillips often these boats had 3-4 people onboard. I think they were just as surprised to see us and we were to see them. Anyways now we are continuing down the coast at full steam in 19 knots of breeze waiting to make our gybe and head out across the vast atlantic finally! Artemis Out Robin and Sam »




Thrilling finish in two-handed transatlantic marathon

Thrilling finish in two-handed transatlantic marathon


Close finishes to marathon ocean yachts races are becoming standard fare these days and the Transat AG2R La Mondiale proved it was no exception with an incredibly dramatic finish at the Caribbean island of St Barts today. Lire la suite
The Transat AG2R La Mondiale: all set-up for a thriller to the finish at St Barts

The Transat AG2R La Mondiale: all set-up for a thriller to the finish at St Barts


The Transat AG2R La Mondiale race from Concarneau in Brittany to St Barts in the Caribbean is turning into a thrilling test of stamina and nerve with the leading seven crews looking set for a fight to the finish for the podium places. Lire la suite
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Le Trophée de la Performance du jeudi 10 mai est remporté par Guyot Environnement (Pierre Leboucher & Chrsitopher Pratt) avec 219,7 milles parcourus en 24H Tous les trophées
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